Wondering About Quality Red?

Not long ago, in March of 2016 I took a trip over to Shenyang, China to see an old friend of mine who moved there from my hometown; to teach English overseas. I was delighted to see that he was doing great and loving his new home, as I was worried he would be a little lonely. During my visit we saw The Mukden Palace (a.k.a: Shenyang Imperial Palace,) some other cool things and just spent a lot of time catching up and talking about how our last 2 years had been. There’s 3 things I learned while I was over there:

  • Don’t go to jail, if you live you won’t be the same person
  • Crappy food and alcohol are way too affordable, so you have to be careful and disciplined
  • Good quality food/clothes/wine get a lot of effort put into their creation.

During my stay, a man named Jean-Guillaume Prats’ was in the process of releasing a $250 dollar value bottle of wine called Ao Yun. There was only said to be 24,000 bottles created and that would be that, as the resources were not available.

I was privilege enough to be in the right place at the right time, and managed to acquire a taste test of this fabulous wine. As I mentioned on the page a little about us, we don’t like to spend more than about $20 on a bottle, so I wouldn’t have paid the hefty price of $250. Being quite the Wine connoisseur would I say it’s worth it to pay that price? Absolutely. It’s not meant for someone who doesn’t have money to spend like that, but if you’re looking for something you’re going to remember for the rest of your life, then this is for you. The amount of flavor and kick this wine has is out of this world, hands down the best red wine I’ve ever tasted.

I realized shortly after this experience that it was nowhere near the most expensive wine, some of the most expensive wines out there are up closer to 500,000 dollars for one bottle! Meaning one sip can cost you thousands of dollars. Here’s a video to give you an idea of what the most expensive wine’s out there cost: