My Experience With Problem Drinking

Before I continue to create a blog talking about all different types of wine, I figured I should emphasize the importance of drinking responsibly and making sure you don’t get caught up in alcohols demons, because it’s very easy to do, and happens to the best of us.

beer-cansLet me just say this; I use to be a binge drinker. I don’t like to call myself an alcoholic as I was functioning and able to be productive in society, but I was borderline alcoholic. I have seen many unfortunate things happen from alcohol; it is a beast that is not meant to be abused, and can really hurt you and your loved ones. One of the key factors that destroy people is the failure to realize there is a problem, because everyone thinks they have complete control of themselves, until they learn the hard way. Alcoholism is much more common than people believe it to be, and it is often denied because they’re ‘too smart to become addicted to alcohol,’ or they ‘can stop any time’ and don’t see it as an issue to be drinking all the time. Truth is; yes you can stop any time, but you won’t. You won’t stop until something kicks you in the butt; like your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you, or someone close to you getting injured or even killed. You probably still won’t stop after an incident like this, because your in denial. I’m not speaking for everyone but the point I’m trying to make is that alcoholism is very overlooked in today’s day and age and needs to be treated more serious.

What happened to me? I lived in a full-on party house 2 years ago. My best friend and I lived together as roommates for about a year prior to this house, and decided it was time to upgrade as our house was run down and old. We found 3 other mutual friends that needed a place to live and the 5 of us rented a pretty decent place; sounds pretty sweet right? Well I’ll tell you it was pretty much all sunshine and roses for the first 6 months, and we were partying it up living the life, drinking everyday.

September rolls around and 2 of our roommates start sleeping together; we all knew it was bad news. So sure enough after a couple weeks of that it ended abruptly, and those 2 now hate each other. By the end of this house which was exactly one year later; May of 2016 I have personally made completely new friends, and everything is okay but the house was toxic. I was lucky enough to have very unique guidance at the perfect time, and managed to completely turn my life around because of this; I feel blessed to have that.

The sad thing is; nobody that went into that house were bad people. Everyone had the best of intentions, there was a strong lack of realization among everyone’s judgement of their alcohol in-take. The effects of drinking consistently (in my case at least) include:

  • Lack of judgement: I saw myself making very poor choices in that state, things I don’t even think to do today while alcohol is not a choice; eating out all the time, staying up late, sleeping in the day, watching lots of tv, etc.
  • Being broke: This one sucks, yet I would have 10 dollars left for the week and still buy a 6 pack of cheap beer. I would then end up borrowing money from someone to get me through that week and lose out on my next pay day.
  • General anxiety: Anxiety has become very common in today’s day and age. The amount of anxiety around this house full of heavy drinkers was through the roof. Every person that lived there had high levels of anxiety. 

Got any stories? E-mail me: that was one I just felt like sharing with you guys. I’m only human, and I’ve been pushing to become the best me possible. I would like to inspire you to do the same.

Since I Started Drinking Only Wine; On Occasion

  • New car
  • Husband
  • Responsible drinker
  • Better paying job
  • I read more
  • I am 20x more productive
  • I feel amazing 100% more of the time

Try it you guys. If this appeals to you and need some guidance, please do e-mail; as I do quite enjoy helping people. I’ve been trying to make the little difference I can in the world so go right ahead. It’s time to get just a little bit of sleep now before I start my day bright and early. It’s okay, I get to sleep all day the next day 😉