This Ain’t Your Everyday Ordinary Wine Blog

I could start spewing all sorts of details and information at you guys about different varieties of wine, but I feel like you could find that kind of information anywhere. I want to create a connection with my readers and actually communicate with you guys. Tell me a story, I’m certainly going to be telling them. If I can bring value to the table it won’t be by telling the history of Vina Eguia Reserva (one of my favorite red wines), or talking about the ingredients or process of making different wines. The way I see it I will spark up more conversations by talking about my personal experiences, opinions and preferences, and then letting you guys talk about your stories. I’m not saying that information has no value, it most certainly does. I just don’t see a point in repeating facts and other things you can probably find on Wikipediaand hundreds of other websites as well.

I would rather come on here and talk to you guys like this, as a person. My purpose of posting today was to suggest a couple of inexpensive wines that in my opinion are awesome, and also good quality – that’s a fact.


Can you tell I like my Pinot Grigio?

Peller Estates Pinot Grigio – This has been my recent go-to. Where I am it costs me $18.95 for a 1.5L bottle and i find it to be very smooth and delicious. I love to drink a glass with my dinner, and a glass after dinner.. Not too long ago I had a good friend of mine I hadn’t seen in years over to my house; we had a big plate of nachos and a bottle of Peller Estates Pinot Grigio. We talked for hours and I had one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time, it was a great fit.

Morse Code Shiraz – This one might be a bit bold, not sure if everyone will like this one. It’s tastes like black licorice and blackberry with a little bit of spice. I always found this was great with big steak dinners or something of that sort. I usually only buy the smaller 750 ml bottles only because I haven’t been drinking a ton of red wine but it costs me $7.99, can’t go wrong!

Naked Grape Pinot Grigio – Basically, I wanted to give this one a shout-out because I find it to have a perfect balance of everything I look for in wine; smooth, not too sugary, not too bitter, and of course, quite cheap! I pay $17.99 for a 1.5L bottle, and I never regret my decision – except when I drink the whole bottle in one sitting, then I most likely regret it.

I could keep going, but I’m realizing as I’m writing this I’m once again these kinds of posts are all over the internet. So lets to move on to something else:

How often do you drink and how much in one sitting?

So lets just say this; I’m a pretty heavy wine drinker, not in the sense that I’m controlled by it, but I certainly enjoy the taste and also the way it makes you feel. I’m not ashamed to say I enjoytime-for-wine feeling intoxicated by wine. I certainly don’t enjoy feeling intoxicated any other way, but personally when I’ve had a couple glasses I feel very happy, I write down my ideas because good things come to mind, and it’s a good addition to my life. Certainly not everybody can say it’s a good addition to their life, as it seems to do more harm than good to most people. If you can control yourself and enjoy it instead of crave it and lose control, your in the clear, and I say fill your boots. Life is all about enjoying yourself and if you find something you like don’t hold back.

I would say 3 glasses and up is pushing it, you can do that every once and a while but if it’s a regular thing to consume more than 3 glasses I see it as questionable. It doesn’t mean your addicted and you need to go to rehab, but just watch yourself is all, because alcoholism does creep up on you.

I will make a post about alcoholism, but I’m going to leave it at that, just a little rant.

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