Welcome To Your Friendly Neighbourhood Wine Blog

Welcome to winebuythecase.com. Being quite a big fan of only wine when it comes to alcohol, we thought we’d share some of our personal favorites, some wine we don’t prefer, and some information & background on them. Wine is definitely the largest market when it comes to alcohol and you can go right or wrong depending on what you choose, there is a wide horizon of flavors and we’d like to nail down the ones that will add value to your foundation and keep you excited about wine. Of course it is always opinion when it comes to wine and not everybody likes the same thing, for instance I’m currently drinking a lot more white than red, but last year it was the exact opposite. Being that there’s 2 of us writing on this blog as well, it won’t all be exactly the same. Some things we want to talk about are:

  • The value of wine and how you don’t have to spend $300 on a bottle to get good quality wine
  • White vs. red wine, my opinions and others opinions as well
  • Responsible drinking
  • Culture preferences
  • Making your own wine

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