Activities that Go Well with Wine!

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If you’re anything like my friend Susan then you’d scoff at this and say, “Every activity goes well with wine!” I could spend all my time here arguing why that isn’t true (driving is one example), but instead I’d like to pinpoint 3 activities that wine MUST be included in.

  1. Painting. Painting without wine is like movies without popcorn. You can do it, but the experience isn’t the same. It’s not that nostalgic moment of awe that it could be. If you include calm music, or music that matches the theme of your painting, this is even better. Wine gets your creative juices flowing, and so it’s no wonder why many of the world’s most famous painters loved to combine wine with their painting process.
  2. Planning.  Many call alcohol “courage juice” or “bravery  in a bottle.” The truth is that alcohol doesn’t make you brave or courageous, but is DOES help you think more boldly which in turn affects your actions. If you’re planning your schedule out for the week, doing so with a glass of wine will help you stride forth with bold thoughts, enabling you to plan your schedule the way you want it to be. With wine and a planner, you can conquer the world!
  3. Writing Poetry. With wine in hand, pen in hand, I strive to understand. I write my thoughts, watching flocks, of ducks in the sand. Ah, elegant poetry! Wine and poetry are like bread and butter, baby. If you’ve had a bit too much wine, you may already notice your bold thoughts begging to be expressed somehow. So why not write a poem? Try it! The cool thing about poetry is that you can write whatever you want without judgment. Often you won’t like what you write, but when you come back to it sober the next day you’ll want to share it on Facebook. Trust me!

This blog often talks about wine, but I’m glad we got a post that covers a few cool activities you can do while drinking it. There are bunch of other options worth noting. Walking is a good one, but depending on where you live public drinking might be illegal. I like to go for a walk with a few glasses in me. I find these walks beautiful and very good for the soul. Other good activities are cooking, cleaning, drawing, writing prose, playing video games with the kids, and I’m sure if you thought hard you could build a list of a dozen other activities that are just calling out loud for wine to make them even better. Try a few of them! We hope you have fun!