Activities that DON’T Go Well with Wine!

Previously I mentioned several activities that go well with wine. To conclude this discussion, I want to mention some things you should never do with wine. I’ll of course neglect to mention the obvious like driving and job interviews. Instead I will mention activities that you might not consider on your own, activities that ironically involve wine throughout America and Europe on a regular basis.

Let’s begin!

  1. Homework: University and college students often need a special push to help them get through menial study periods. Wine, of course, can make studying boring stuff a lot more interesting. And there are studies that suggest wine in small amounts is actually good for your memory. But my personal experience says otherwise. I would much rather suggest snacking on nuts, berries and healthy foods while listening to calming music than drinking wine to help with boring studies. Wine, however, is much more appropriate for writing a paper after the studying is already complete. Of course you can take my word with a bucket of salt. This dictum is just what works for me.
  2. Picking Up Dates at the Bar: It’s common for flirting and wine to go hand in hand, especially because wine makes one think more boldly and perforce makes one’s actions more bold. However, depending on the kind of date you would like to take home, overly drinking wine will burden your speech and flirting capabilities rather than enhance them. If you want to impress a sophisticated potential spouse, it’s best to do so with a clear mind. With a clear mind, you can more easily make witty allusions, recite elegant poetry with greater ease, and so on. But if you’re looking to pick up ye olde strumpet, then this dictum does not apply as much. So in that case go nuts!
  3. Vacationing on a Cruise: It’s easy to think that a cruise would be far more enjoyable with wine. You get to see the beautiful sights of the ocean with a giddy heart. But, if you’re like me, a cruise ride without any impairments is much more memorable and productive. A cruise ride, in my opinion, is useful for meeting like-minded people, flirting, reading and reflecting. Though the latter is easier with wine one could argue, all the former are not. So if you have gone on every cruise intoxicated, try it without wine next time and judge how your experience improves.

So there we have it, my conclusion to this discussion with three things you should never do with wine, or any alcohol for that matter. I hope this information makes your life as a connoisseur more elegant. We at Wine Buy the Case hope to see you back soon!