A Little About Us

Wine By The Case is designed to be your go-to when looking for some direction to satisfy your wine needs. Whether your looking for the finest, priciest wine or some cheap stuff that isn’t cheersso bad, we will point you in the right direction. Wine is a very hit and miss subject; too much of it is just too bland and boring. While everyone’s desires are different when it comes to wine, you definitely want the delicious stuff that adds value to your cupboard and keeps you looking forward to the end of the day, when you can sit back and enjoy that nice fresh glass.

If you find something you like, definitely buy it by the case. It doesn’t expire, and you will save lots of money doing so. Some things you can buy in bulk and barely save a penny, wine is not one of those things. Even buying a case of 4 bottles will often cut the price down by 25%; rewarding you with a free bottle just for buying in bulk.

We were originally going to advertise different wines on this website, but we decided there’s already so many great places online to buy that it wasn’t necessary. Instead we are just going to provide you with information, our expert opinions and if you are looking for something specific, contact a wine specialist 

We personally like to spend under $20 for a bottle, but every once and a while we like to get fancy and get something a little more pricey. Some of our favorites include:

  • Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio – Most Pinot Grigio brand wines are on the sweeter side, but I find this kind to have a perfect balance of rich flavor and a bit of zest.
  • Marco Negri Moscato D’Asti – This one is a little on the sweeter side, absolutely perfect if you’re a newer wine drinker.
  • Peller Estates Pinot Grigio – Similar to Alois Lageder, another Pinot Grigio that has a good balance of sweetness.
  • Domain Chandon Brut Classic – This is not technically champagne, but it is really, same thing. I’m not personally the biggest fan of champagne but if I were to drink it, this would be my choice.
  • Vina Eguia Reserva  – This is a red wine with very good ratings, I found it to be a great bang for your buck as I find most good red wines to be pretty pricey.

The first 4 of that list are white wines, and the last one is red. Can you tell we’re fans of white wine? We tend to go back and forth with preference but that’s where we’re at right now.